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Family-held investment group focused on companies in the Pittsburgh region

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At Blue Leaf Capital, we specialize in making high-quality direct equity investments in, or acquisitions of, Pittsburgh-centric companies. The process of selling part or all of your business can be draining – and not all partners are created equal. Our integrity is uncompromising, and we have deep roots in our community. Let's see what we can accomplish together.

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Blue leaf capital, llc

Investment Philosophy

We focus on long-term and sustainable growth through operational excellence, strategic capital investments, and synergistic business combinations.

What does this mean for you? The opportunity to work with professional investors that you can trust to take care of your business.

Owner Exits/Transitions

Ownership succession planning is crucial for ensuring that your business is properly transitioned to a new owner. You spent years building your company, so it’s important that you leave it in good hands. Partnering with an investor can help ensure the long-term success of your company. Luckily for you, we’re looking to buy.

Growth Capital Infusions

Businesses frequently face inflection points in their journey – we can help. Providing equity capital, guidance and support, we can help you achieve smarter and faster growth.


Leverage recapitalization occurs when a company changes its debt-to-equity ratio to help improve its financial stability. Many companies also perform recapitalization to prepare for a period of growth. Recapitalization is related to paying off debt, raising equity to invest in new ventures, getting out of a credit line to equity infusions, or exiting some investors in favor of others.

Generational Transitions

Blue Leaf Capital can help execute generational transitions of family businesses, by investing within the company and providing continuity, strategic advice, and capital, to help ensure long-term success, even in the event of non-active family participation.

Management Buyout

Blue Leaf Capital can help a management team execute a buyout of the business they manage: providing capital, and critical strategic and operational advice and guidance.

Corporate Divestiture

A corporate divestiture occurs when a company disposes of its assets through a sale, exchange, closure, or bankruptcy. A business might perform a divestiture in order to reduce debt and costs.

Ideal Company Profile

$1MM - $15MM
$0MM - $5MM

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